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Verify Property is your one-stop shop for real estate due diligence in Nigeria.

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Verify Property is your one-stop shop for real estate due diligence in Nigeria.
Our services include land registry searches, court searches, probate registry due diligence and physical inspection of the property. You may request for one or more of these services in respect of a property. We also offer a Premium Package which includes all of our of services at a cost-efficient price. When you use any of our services, you are rest assured of quality service and timely delivery, all at a minimum cost.

Thinking of buying property in a remote location? Our services are available in all the States of Nigeria. We partner with professionals across Nigeria to bring you results no matter where your property is located.

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Land Registry

We conduct searches in the State and Federal land registries of Nigeria and provide you with latest information on transactions that affect the status of your property.

Court Searches

We conduct searches in the various courts of Nigeria so you know if a property is the subject of litigation in any court.

Probate Registry

Our experienced professionals can engage with the probate registries and provide you with information on any probatory disposition or transaction which affects a property.

Physical Inspection

On your behalf, we can physically inspect a property to see if the property meets your expectations or conforms with any description provided to you.

Court Searches

We conduct searches in the various courts of Nigeria so you know if a property is the subject of litigation in any court.

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Get your search report within 24 hours in just 4 easy clicks; input details of Property to Search, Enter Contact Details of Applicant, Make Payment and get Search Report in just 12 Hours

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We have you covered on all Platforms and from any country as we accept International Payments and electronically keep you aware of the property of interest. Need an independent Opinion? Click Below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VerifyProperty

Verify Property is an online platform that helps you carry out legal search for individuals and organizations who are interested in knowing the Legal state of a Real Estate Property. We keep you aware of the Legal state of a property by reporting to you if such property is what it is presented to be, thereby assisting you to avoid transacting with/on Properties who have purported owners, fraudulent people, wrong/bad titled documents, unverified owners, dual-ownership, unauthorized sales, swindler-ship and false government representation.

How does Verify Property work?

Once we receive your information entered on any of our platforms, our team of dedicated Lawyers goes to the respective government body, company, property or Organization to certify the accuracy of your intended search for confirmation. After which a Search Report is prepared electronically based on our unbeatable speedy yet unimaginably accurate findings of the said property. The search Report is then sent to your mail or your private inbox for registered users and where a Certified True Copy (CTC) is requested, same is made available to you by courier.

What Information of the Property do I need to provide to get a search done?

The accuracy of every search is very dependent on the accuracy of the information of the property provide, while you have the option of filling the registration information of the property such as the Governor’s Consent Number, file Number, Certificate of Occupancy Number, Probate Number, Survey Number, etc. you sure don’t want to get it wrong with numbers that’s why we have the option of fully uploading the document. Simple & smart right, that’s what we bring to your Real Estate Deals.

What Personal information do I need to provide to get a search done?

All we need is your name and email & phone number for non-registered users, while for registered users we don’t need any further information as you are already registered with us.

At what Cost can I do a Search?

The cost implication for conducting searches on varies from search to search (depending on the information available of the property or what is intended to be searched on; File Number, Governor’s Consent number, Excision File Number, Survey Plan Number, Certificate of Occupancy, Court Judgment, Premium Search, Estate Search, etc.)

How reliable is your Search Report?

Be rest assured that there are no better hands dealing on your search than with us as we have extremely dedicated teams of Lawyers and Non-Lawyers who are vast in the real Estate Industry all over the Country, so when you want to have an independent third parties’ opinion apart from your agents and families whose motives you are not sure of regarding the certitude of the Legal State of the property in question. Why don’t you reach out? We keep you Aware!

What is the difference between a unique search and a Premium Search?

For a unique search what will be reported to you is the specific search you logged in but for premium search an overall finding of the property is reported to you.

What does a search report contain?

A search report contains all the vital information of the property you need to be aware of such as previous owners, size, transfer state, encumbrances, date of last transfer, date of search and it is usually addressed to who requested the search.

Can I pay for a search from any country?

Yes. Our Platforms is created to serve our users cutting across different continents to satisfy Real Estate Investors, Home lovers, Business Persons and organizations the ease of doing search on a property from anywhere in the world without been physically present. So you could make payments through our Online Platforms using your card or making a transfer.

What is the cost implication of the Search report being couriered?

This will be dependent on your location of delivery; however this has to be specifically requested for.

Can Verify Property assist applicants close on a property deal, or Caveat registration etc.?

Yes but only on a legal capacity as we do not involve in the purchase or sale of properties due to our concentration on its documentations.

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